10 Feb 2021
Lockdown Challenges Raises £2800 for Cancer Research

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At the start of this term and period of on-line learning, the pupils (and teachers!) were given some challenges to attempt as part of the games programme and as a means of keeping fit, trying something new and challenging that would take them out of their comfort zone and that had potential to raise money for charity in the process. The challenges were to run a Marathon in the month of January, cycle the distance of a full cycling section of an Ironman (180.2km) and complete 2000 Burpees in two weeks. The response has been very impressive indeed with a large number of pupils taking on the various challenges throughout January. It has been great to receive the positive feedback and to hear the stories of whole families doing the challenges together and the challenges being the catalyst and incentive some needed to re-start some exercise and gain a sense of purpose to getting out for that run or cycle!

There were 9 pupils that took on the Marathon in January challenge to raise money for Cancer Research. They did an incredible job and between them have raised £2877.45. Huge congratulations to those individuals. Many others completed the challenges for fun. A special mention for Freddie who completed all three challenges in January!