17 May 2020
Isolation Sports Day!

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These may be unusual times and we may not be able to have our traditional Sports Day but with a little imagination, a lot of enthusiasm, maximum participation and buckets full of fun we can have Isolation Sports Day!

14 Events to choose from with something for everyone, regardless of the isolation circumstances.

House and Individual competitions.

Events List:

  1. 60m Sprint
  2. 800m
  3. 1500m
  4. 12 min Cooper Run
  5. 5km Strava Run
  6. 20km Strava Cycle
  7. Standing Broad Jump
  8. Vertical Jump
  9. Standing Triple Jump
  10. Tennis Ball Throw
  11. Seated Shot Put
  12. Press-up Bleep Test
  13. Sit-up Bleep Test
  14. House Strava Challenge

All entries to be submitted by 4.00pm on 22nd May 2020 - SPORTS DAY!